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Chelsea M Berns

Hi, I'm Chelsea M Berns

I am an evolutionary and ecological biologist, interested in the evolution of phenotypic

diversity and sexual dimorphism and am currently a Lecturer of an online Evolution course at Iowa State University.  I am looking forward to being a Visiting Assistant

Professor at Adams State University this fall, where I will teach Anatomy and Physiology,

General Biology, and Environmental Science (both lecture and laboratories of all

courses). I am especially excited for Spring 2014, when I will be teaching Evolution,

General Biology, and have the opportunity to create my own course: The Evolution and

Ecology of Sexual Dimorphism.


My research interests focus on micro- and macroevolutionary patterns of sexual size and

shape dimorphism in hummingbird bill morphology, using landmark-based geometric

morphometrics to quantify these morphological differences. I have been examining rates

of phenotypic evolution and morphological disparity both within and between 270

species of hummingbirds and am looking forward to pursuing these topics with

undergraduate researchers.

Chelsea M Berns's Background

Chelsea M Berns's Experience

Research Supervisor at Iowa State University

May 2007 - August 2007

Visiting Assistant Professor at Adams State University

June 2013

Instructor at Iowa State University

May 2013

Instructor of Evolution online course

PhD Candidate, National Science Foundation Fellow at Iowa State University

August 2007

Chelsea M Berns's Education

Iowa State University

2007 – 2012


Colorado State University

2000 – 2005


Concentration: Majors: Zoology, Music

Chelsea M Berns's Interests & Activities

Evolutionary Biology Morphology Teaching Ornithology Phylogenetics

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